Bizlaunch Kamtech KPO Park Ltd provide a co-working space for all the free- lancers and entrepreneurs.

We offer many perks and an environment full of hardworking and dedicated professionals across all industries. The decision to work alongside strangers can be intimidating but so rewarding.

Reason to opt for a co-working space in BizLaunch:

Activities envisaged:

  1. Sensitization Workshops

  2. BI and co-working Space will conduct a few entrepreneurship sensitization workshops in institutes/ universities in and around Jaipur. The objective of the workshops will be to educate faculty, post graduates, graduates and students for funding opportunities, startup ecosystem, incubation and handholding services . Stakeholders ,Co-workers from specific domain will be invited as speakers and panel members for such workshops.

  3. Promotional Activities through Social/Print/Electronic Media

  4. BI and co-working Space team will create a lively website and will be regularly updating the BI and co-working events, news and activities. The team will actively use social/print/electronic media platforms to reach out to prospective, customers, incubates and stakeholders .BI will also prepare 1-3 minute videos of BI and its successful startups and promote it through the different media platforms.

  5. Action Plan to Meet Business Support Service

  6. Co-working services and programs are designed to increase client’s likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what to Client Company/ startup could achieve on its own. Offering value-added services such as photocopy and printing, technical support, knowledge base and consultancy, product and concept designing, advanced IT Support, video conferencing facilities, services of content writer & web designer, logo designing , branding of products, AutoCAD/Product Development , 3D printer or AI support, Trademark registration and legal assistance for rural areas of Rajasthan is the key to successfully spinout graduates. The co-working space action plan to meet business support are categorized as follows:

    I. Direct Business Development Assistance

    II. Professional network and relationship support

    III. Educational and training programs

    IV. Facility based services

    V. Funding support

    3.1 Direct Business Development Assistance

  1. It is the direct support to the startups/MSMEs from the time of acceptance through graduation. The incubator’s CEO would provide oversight and facilitates access to resources available at different Industries, skilled and technical Universities to meet the client needs as those needs arise over the course of their incubator.

  2. The startups/MSMEs business plans evaluation, identifying areas of need, developing a work plan to address those needs including identifying expertise and services needed to move the business plan forward and time frames for major tasks to be completed.

  3. Once the startup is accepted into the LBI, initial assessment can occur on monthly basis and final assessment would be a graduation transition plan that likes the new startup/MSME to appropriate resources in the community.

  4. 3.2 Professional Network and Relationship Support

    • The networking and relationship support is the active role of the proposed Incubator and using the professional contact, connections are developed to the resources that incubator clients might not otherwise access to as small, emerging business.

    • BI and co-working space would develop a broad-based pool of high quality professionals, technologist, business owners who are willing to act as advisors in promoting the client’s business. The incubator will facilitate their meeting with the startup/MSME representatives to monitor, discuss the programs and establish means to assess the client satisfaction.

    • The incubator and co-working space would establish and maintain relationship with a network of banks, angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate equity investors through capital networks, brokers and personal contacts. The CEO of the incubator shall provide introductions between incubator clients and appropriate investment resources.

    • The centre would maintain up-to-date knowledge of relationships with established resources and programs in the area and provide referrals and information to the incubator clients.

    3.3 Educational and Training Programs

    • Educational programs include hosted, on-site seminars, workshops, skill based training programmes by internal and external experts on topics relevant to technology startups/MSMEs and incubators clients. The CEO would identify topics based on understanding of incubator client’s needs and also invite guest speakers with expertise in the relevant topics.

    • The incubator would also host an annual educational seminar for area technologists to inform them about the challenges and rewards of technology commercialization, the process and costs associated with licencing technologies and area resources available to support those technology commercialize efforts.

    3.4 Facility Based Services

    • Co-workers will be provided access to all the lab facilities, library, canteen, hostel, etc. available at Kamtech KPO Park Ltd on specific terms and conditions.

    • Co-workers will be provided the seed fund support based on the availability of the funds/grants with the BI. Apart from this, the Co-workers will be connected with angel and venture capital firm based on their requirements.

Duration Price (INR) Inclusions Exclusion
Single Day 200
15 Days 2700
Monthly 5000 Inclusive of Facilities like electricity , water, wi-fi and other amenities like coffee, tea, snacks etc. Price does not include 18% GST and are subject to change
Quaterly 12000
Half- Yearly 25000
Yearly 40000

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